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Bunny Roo Beagle
Recipes for Dogs

Welcome to Bunny Roo Beagle!  This website was named after my very first rescue dog, Bunny Roo. Even though Bunny Roo crossed over the rainbow bridge many years ago, her website continues with the hope of educating people about the importance of dog adoption and rescue. Of course,  you will also find a wide assortment of dog friendly recipes, the occasional product review, a cat story now and again and more!  So sit back, relax and enjoy! 

Please Note: Bunny Roo Beagle is in the middle of a major make-over! The desk-top version is being developed first...followed by the mobile friendly version. If you have any questions, feel free to email kathy@bunnyroobeagle.com. Thank you for your patience. Enjoy your visit. Woof!

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Featured Recipes
  1. BBQ Football Cookies
    BBQ Football Cookies
    Get your dog in the game by baking him some delicious football shaped cookies!
  2. Yogurt Popsicles
    Yogurt Popsicles
    An easy to make treat that will keep your dog cool on hot summer days!
  3. Cheese Twists
    Cheese Twists
    Fun to make cheese twists that your dog will simply love!

Featured Rescue

Happily Ever Esther Farm Sanctuary

The Happily Ever Esther Farm Sanctuary is owned and operated by Derek Walter and Steve Jenkins. Located in Milton Ontario Canada, this sanctuary is home to one of the most famous pigs in the world...Esther the Wonder Pig! Followed by over ONE MILLION people on FaceBook, Ester is not only adorable, she (with the help of her dads) is spreading the word about compassionate living. Home to many abused and abandoned farm animals, The Hppily Ever Esther Farm Sanctuary is simply...PIGTASTIC! FOr more information about this wonderful rescue/sanctuary, please click HERE! 


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