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So you are adding a kitten to your family, congratulations! Are you prepared for kitty's arrival? Every new pet needs a few essentials in order to live happily in their new home. Make sure you have all of the things you need on hand before Felix arrives.
New Kitten? Are You Prepared?

Pet Carrier
Cat Food
Food and Water Dishes
Litter Box and Scoop
Cat Litter
Scratching Post
Cat Bed
Grooming Supplies
Toys (a must!)

All of the items listed in the pink box can be found at your local pet supply store (such as PetSmart!). You should also shop online as you can often find GREAT prices and more of a selection. a It is a good idea to do your homework so that you purchase the products that best fit your new cat’s needs. It is also important to make sure that your cat’s new home is “kitty proof.” Your cat will need a safe, clean environment in order to thrive!
Secure all escape routes
Secure kitchen cupboards
Make sure there are no strangling hazzards
Secure electrical wiring
Remove toxic plants
Make certain all cosmetics and medications are out of reach
Make sure all chemical hazzards are put away (anti-freeze, house-hold cleaners, etc.)

Be Safe! Kitty Proof Your Home!
Remember, cats are naturally curious and will investigate anything that they find interesting! They will often taste, sniff and touch almost everything they come across. Play it safe and “kitty proof” before you bring home your new bundle of fur. For more information, please visit the Kitten Care Guide!
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New Kitten?! A Kitten Care Guide is a Must!
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